AIRA Journal Authoring Guidelines

Submitting an Article

Topic proposals, articles and questions about content for current and future editions should be directed to the Editorial Board: Michael Lastowski , David Bart and Boris Steffen Articles may be initially submitted as pdfs, emailed to Editorial Board members; however, once accepted for publication, a Word version is normally requested to facilitate the publication process and, for exhibits and other graphic elements, underlying files such as Excel may be requested. AIRA reserves the right to edit articles as needed; however, authors will receive comments, proposed changes and a review copy prior to publication.

Questions about publication details, deadlines, author bios and photos, etc., may be sent to Managing Editor, Valda Newton

Article Length

The normal range for article length is 2,200 – 6,600 words; however, in each issue there are unique configurations of material that may or may not allow a longer article to be included, depending on date of submission and other articles already approved. Longer articles (6,600 words or more) are welcomed and will be considered for publication according to space available.

Author Bio

A brief bio for the author (50-100 words) must accompany each article and may include the author’s email address for questions and comments.

Author Photo

Authors are encouraged to provide a headshot (one for each author if there are multiple authors) to be published with the article. Color is preferred but black and white will be accepted. At a bare minimum, images must be 400px in width; for best results, 1000px width and above is recommended. All photos and questions about photos should be directed to Creative Director, Michael Stull (

Case Names in Body of Article

Please italicize names of cases referred to in the body of the article; please do not use underscore or bold.

References and Citations

Appropriate credit must be given to works of other authors and other sources through the use of footnotes. Because many AIRA Journal articles refer to legal sources, the preferred form of citation is Basic Legal Citation style; however, the format is not strictly applied as long as all necessary information is provided in an appropriate and consistent manner giving clear acknowledgement and allowing readers to locate sources. References to sections in the Bankruptcy Code, Internal Revenue Code and other laws should be clearly identified wherever ambiguity may exist.


Bibliographies are occasionally submitted for articles with extensive research support. In this case the bibliography is normally put on AIRA’s website and the article refers readers to it by the web address. Legal or Chicago style may be used as appropriate.


All questions about topics and content for current and future articles should be directed to the Editorial Board: Michael Lastowski, David Bart and Boris Steffen

Questions about format, publication schedules and other details may be sent to Managing Editor, Valda Newton