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AIRA’s purpose is to unite and support professionals providing business turnaround, restructuring and bankruptcy services. Toward that end, AIRA has sought to bring together individuals from a broad range of practices and disciplines, including: Financial Advisors, Accountants, Attorneys, CPAs, Investment Executives, CEOs, Legal Professionals, Appraisers, Investment Consultants, Real Estate Appraisers, US Trustees, CFOs, Restructuring Advisors, Turnaround Specialists, Consultants, Investment Professionals, Financial Advisors, Professors, Distressed Asset Investors, and many others.  


Regular Member ($325)—Financial advisors, accountants, crisis managers, business turnaround consultants, lenders, investment bankers, attorneys, trustees and other individuals involved in the business turnaround, restructuring, bankruptcy, and insolvency fields.

Government/Academic Member/Service Members ($75)—U.S. trustees, assistant U.S. trustees, analysts, and other professionals working in the U.S. trustee’s office; bankruptcy judges, clerks and other government employees; full-time university/college professors and lecturers; full-time students and full-time military personnel.

Retired Member ($75)—To be eligible for the Retired Member rate, a member must (1) be (a) sixty years or older,* (b) a member for at least ten years, of which five years must be consecutive, and (c) employed for less than 500 hours per year; and (2) provide written notice to the Executive Director that the eligibility criteria have been satisfied. If a member has satisfied the eligibility requirements and such eligible member is a CIRA, the member would receive emeritus status.

*In the case of retirement for medical reasons, an exception to the minimum retirement age may be granted upon approval by the Executive Director.


Among others, AIRA members receive the following benefits and opportunities:


AIRA members have a responsibility to perform professional services in a manner consistent with the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct developed by the Board of Directors pertaining to competence, confidentiality, integrity, objectivity and due care. AIRA’s Bylaws were laid out by the Board to govern organization, procedures and policies of the Association, including membership and educational and certification programs.

Code of Professional Conduct